It seems the holidays are good for more than just cookies, Santa, and spending time with family.  I've seen so many (not in real life, but on Facebook) engagements happening over the Christmas weekend, that I can't help but get all wrapped up in the best marriage proposals.  Unless you have feeling of steel, you may need a kleenex or two.  Here are Youtube's most watched proposals of 2011!

Nothing says "Will You Marry Me" like a flashmob!


Ok, not every proposal ends well...


Another flashmob proposal, but this one is at a Disney themepark!  The choreography in this one adds to the magic.  That, and the reaction of the bride-to-be!


This guy decided to propose with a stunt.  Being afraid of heights, this wouldn't go over well with me.  At all.


A lot of work went into this proposal.  And with over 20 MILLION views, it was BY FAR the most viewed (and most creative) marriage proposal ever!

And here is the follow-up, the wedding of Matt and Ginny!