The 2012 Oscars is that one night a year where no one wants to be on the worst dressed list. Despite all their efforts, however, there’s always those handful of stars that think they’re workin’ it when really Tim Gunn is rolling his eyes in the background.

Whether it’s an ill-fitting gown, too much skin, or there’s just “too much going on,” these celebs are just not “making it work.” Take a look at our worst dressed list of the 2012 Oscars.

Check back later for even more of the 2012 Oscars worst dressed celebs.

Elaine Taylor, Christopher Plummer’s Wife

Elaine Taylor 2012 Oscars worst dressed

Silk is a hard fabric to pull off. What’s the rule? If you’re wearing a silk top, don’t wear a silk bottom. Well, this is an entirely silk dress. It accentuates the body in all the wrong places.

Producer Brian Glazer

Brian Glazer 2012 Oscars Worst Dressed

And the award for the craziest-looking 2012 Oscars guest goes to Brian Glazer, the co-producer of ‘The 84th Annual Academy Awards.’ We can’t even make a sound judgement on his date’s attire ’cause we’re too busy wondering if this guy got electrocuted.

Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley 2012 Oscars worst dressed

This dress is not glamorous enough for the 2012 Oscars red carpet. Maybe on someone else this would be okay, but on Woodley, there’s just no sexiness whatsoever.

Glenn Close

Glenn Close 2012 Oscars worst dressed

The blazer, the train, the eye-popping green, and… is that velvet we see? As Nina Garcia from ‘Project Runway’ might say, “this is too matchy, matchy.”

Composer Ludovic Bource’s Guest

Ludovic Bource 2012 Oscars worst dressed

What is that print? Is it a bird? A flower? And what’s up with those creases? It already looks like the morning-after dress with all the wrinkles and it’s not even the awards ceremony yet.

Cecilia Hart

Cecilia Hart 2012 Oscars worst dressed

Didn’t you get the hint from Ludovic Bource’s guest about this kind of print? This is a dress for old women, what with the lace poking out from the top and the fact that it doesn’t really show off any part of her body.

Sacha Baron Cohen as ‘The Dictator’

Sacha Baron Cohen 2012 Oscars Worst Dressed

Nothing says Hollywood glamor more than dressing up as an imaginary dictator and pouring the ashed remains of Kim Jong-Il all over Ryan Seacrest. Oh wait, no it doesn’t.

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