50 Cent may have filed for bankruptcy in 2016, but the rapper is about to get a nice payday thanks to a new deal with Starz.

According to a report from TMZ, 50 Cent has signed an eight-figure deal with Starz to bring three new projects to the network. Two of the projects — Black Mafia Family and Tomorrow, Today—are already in development, while a third will be announced soon.

50 commented on the deal on Instagram, writing, "Still think I'm NOTHING😈? Ok watch what I do now. I'm just getting started, you know I'm a nightmare for a HATER."

The new Starz deal is just the latest good news for the "Still Think I'm Nothing" rapper after winning a lawsuit over his show Power. A judge recently threw the case out after they were unconvinced that 50 Cent stole the idea for the show from writer Larry Johnson.

According to the judge, the elements in Johnson's manuscript and Power are common to the crime drama series. The judge added, "One need only look to such shows and movies as The Wire, Empire, Breaking Bad, Narcos, Weeds, Carlito's Way, American Gangster, New Jack City, Scarface and Paid in Full."

Johnson filed the lawsuit in 2015, claiming he gave a manuscript he wrote titled, Tribulation of a Ghetto Kid, to Nikki Turner of G-Unit Books in 2005. The writer then claimed the manuscript was passed to 50 Cent who went on to rip off the story for his hit show Power.

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