There are a handful of cities in America that are known for their pizza, think a New York Slice or Chicago Deep Dish, but a recent survey shows some Minnesota cities ranking unexpectedly high in a ranking of pizzerias in America.

The data was collected by, a company that makes outdoor pizza ovens, they used data from Google reviews to compile the list of top 250 cities in America to get a great slice of pizza.

No surprise, New York City is number one on the list with an average review rating of 4.68 out of 5, what is a surprise is the number 2 spot, I would have guessed Chicago or maybe Los Angeles, but nope, it's Tulsa, Oklahoma, with an average rating of 4.65, Tulsa is apparently America's new pizza hot spot.


Rounding off the Top 10 are Los Angeles, California at #3 with an average rating of 4.63, Peoria, Arizona at #4 with a score of 4.61, infusing its pizzas with a unique Southwestern flair. Jonesboro, Arkansas claims the #5 spot with a rating of 4.6, at #6, Fullerton, California shines with a score of 4.59, where the emphasis on fresh, locally sourced ingredients elevates its pizza scene. Iowa City, Iowa, lands at #7 with a rating of 4.57, Glendale, Arizona is at #8 with a score of 4.56, Albuquerque, New Mexico comes in at #9 with a score of 4.55, and finally, Denver, Colorado rounds out the list at #10 with a rating of 4.54.

Fresh pizza in boxes. On a wooden background.

Surprisingly, Chicago lands just outside the top 10 at the #11 spot with a rating of 4.53, what is also shocking is what Minnesota city lands the highest on this list, #17 with a rating of 4.52 is Rochester, I know the city is world-famous for the Mayo Clinic, but I had no idea that the pizza is so good, with highly rated pizzerias like Pasquale's Neighborhood Pizzeria, Mr. Pizza, and Pi Wood-Fired Pizza, the variety of pizza is impressive.

Minnesota's really got its pizza game going. Brooklyn Park is up there at #74 with a solid 4.50 rating. Then there's Minneapolis, sitting at #112 with a 4.46 rating, thanks to spots like Pizza Lucé, Pizzeria Lola, and Fat Lorenzos. And don't forget about Bloomington, ranked #176 with a 4.45 rating, not just known for the Mall of America but also for its pizza scene.

Sammy's Pizza West Duluth location in Duluth, MN
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

Long, cold winters (except this year), are ideal for the consumption of pizza, that's why I'm sure Duluth ranks #209 with an average rating of 4.44, the two most highly rated pizzerias in Duluth are Sammy's Pizza, and of course Pizza Lucé, but Duluth has plenty of other great pizza options for those willing to explore.

The last Minnesota city to make the top 250 list is the state's Capital, St. Paul, ranking at #231 with an average rating of 4.43.

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