A local Comic convention is going to be held in the Twin Ports. This new event called “DuluCon” is being put on by a local group who are all big fans of comics and costumes. According to CBS3 this event will feature table top games. costume contest, escape room and more.

“DuluCon” will be held from October 18th-19th at the Encounter. Joshua Effinger a "Dulucon" council member said “Well really I’m looking forward to seeing that Duluthian sense of humor and that creative muscle begin to flex. Things you wouldn’t see in your normal day to day life. We’re a community of  ‘do it your-selfers’. So we’re going to get people together who can create costumes, that can create nerdy crafts that can be sold."

The Encounter has been closed for a couple of years due to flooding, but like to be part of events that bring the community together. For more information about DuluCon click here



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