This past Holiday weekend it was a little sticky for my taste, especially since i was not right by a cool body of water to jump in, so one of these shirts would have sure come in handy.

Charles Hollcroft is president of a company called  COMFORT WEAR which right now is clothing and accessories to help keep you warm. His new invention which will be available next summer, keeps you cool. Looking at the demonstration of how the shirt works it reminds me of a Halloween costume i had a few years ago that was inflatable of a cowboy riding a horse. It was definitely nice and cool, but a pain to sit down. :)

It is funny to me how someone in Virginia would invent something to keep you warm first before the shirt to cool you off. It does get cold and snowy, but not like in the Northland. Either way I can't wait for the shirt to come out next year, and I think I need to add one of the jackets to my Christmas list!