I am so on board with this new Facebook Page since more and more people seem super careless with how and where they park!

In the past you would often see the guy or girl with a super nice car taking up two spots in a parking lot, but now even a total piece of junk is crossing over into two spots or crooked etc. My favorite is the giant pick up truck that is backed into a spot, and they take up two places because apparently they can't maneuver the giant ride efficiently and don't care!

This new Facebook Page is called "A_ _HOLE PARKING IN DULUTH/SUPERIOR". So now people are venting their frustrations with taking pictures of said vehicles, and calling them out. I am not sure what the legal aspect of this entails, If you show the license plate, but I think it is super funny. Hopefully these people will see the error of their ways and never do it again.

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