You may have heard our movie critic, Willie Waffle, give the last installment of the Twilight Saga "Breaking Dawn Part 2" a lousy 1 1/2 Waffles.  No disrespect to Mr. Waffle, but he has no idea what he's talking about. Willie did say that it was the best of the five Twilight movies, but I wanted to give my own review.  From one Twilight fan to another, I'm betting that you'll trust me more than a man who admits that he doesn't read, and certainly hasn't read any of the Twilight books.  He doesn't understand imprinting, and that may have lead to his uninformed review.

"Breaking Dawn Part 2" picks up where Part 1 left off--Bella surviving the birth of her daughter, and adjusting to live as a vampire. Chances are if you're still reading this--you know the story.  I won't bore you rehashing the plot.

One of the things that made this movie for me, is Kristen Stewart's performance as Bella.  Yes, it's been four years since the first movie so she's obviously grown as an actress.  But her transformation from human to vampire made it so much easier to watch.  She's not the fidgety, stuttering, crazy eye-blinking Bella we saw in the first four movies.  She's much more composed, well spoken, and watchable.  I don't have anything against Kristen or her portrayal of Bella, but it was nice to avoid wincing every time she came on screen.

When it comes to the consummations (both of marriage in Part 1, and post-vampire transformation in Part 2) it's good.  Now, Part 2 is not the same as the "first time-romantic honeymoon-ripped pillows-broken bed-tropical island" love scene, but it's much more emotional.

Jacob takes his shirt off.  And the scene involves Charlie.  And it's funny.  Enough said.

For months we heard that the director of BDP2, Bill Condon, had added surprise ending--and the trailers gave away the fact that there would be a battle.  I usually cringe at a movie taking taking the liberty to change the author's vision for the movie--but Stephenie did give the go-ahead this was an amazing addition to an already fantastic saga conclusion.  The end was perfect, and as a fan, I wouldn't have changed a thing.  Many will agree that this was the best movie in the entire Twilight Saga.

I was so engrossed in the movie, I totally forgot I had a box of Raisinets.  Who forgets they bought candy?  Now I have a $4.00 box of candy in my purse.  But it's ok.  I'll save it for round 2 this weekend. But this time, I'm going D Box.  Because it's that good.