Unfortunately the start of the school year is not working out how everyone hoped due to COVID-19, but students and teachers alike are learning how to adapt. Whether it's in school with masks and social distancing or trying to stay focused on your laptop at home.

One teacher decided to have fun with the whole situation by making a parody music video welcoming students back to school. Paul Miller an English Teacher at Appleton East High School in Appleton Wisconsin did his own version of The Rembrandts song which was the theme for the show "Friends" as most of us know called “I’ll Be There For You”  and I have to admit he did a really good job!

Miller said to WMTV "Honestly, it was about a week ago that I had the idea. I spent a day writing the song, a day recording the music, and then my wife and I came to school on Sunday afternoon when no one was here and we got all the video footage."

His video has gotten over 3,000 views and he has gotten messages from people in Arizona all the way to India.  Miller said his music video is just one way to get his teaching lessons across.

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For many of the teachers that I know personally this has been a really nerve racking time leading up to the start of school and fear of the unknown. There seems to be so pressure on teachers even with out a pandemic going on, and for some students that might need extra help or attention the distance learning could be really hard for them. So hats off to Mr. Miller for thinking outside the box and trying to help students feel more relaxed about the school year ahead with a little bit of comedy thrown in.

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