The Minnesota Department of Transportation has been spending a lot of time over the last year reminding people how to drive safely, their latest mission aims to keep pedestrians safe.

'Let’s Move Safely Together' is the slogan for a new public awareness campaign that you'll see on TV, online and hear on the radio through October. MnDOT says that so far in 2021, 24 pedestrians have been killed while walking on Minnesota roads.

MnDOT provides plenty of detailed information about state laws, reminders on how to be a safe driver around pedestrians, and some tips on how to safely walk on the state's roads.

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When driving, always stop for people crossing at every intersection, even ones without crosswalks or stop lights, you should also be scanning the sides of roads while driving, looking for pedestrians and slowing down while pedestrians are in the area.

If you're walking the streets, remember to always be aware of your surroundings and watch for moving vehicles before crossing any roadway, and you should make yourself visible to drivers by not obstructing yourself by a car, bus, hedge or anything that could hide you from drivers.

MnDOT also provides some tips about crosswalks, drivers must always stop for crossing pedestrians at marked crosswalks, and stay stopped until the person has walked past. Pedestrians must follow all traffic-control signals at all intersections that have them, and when entering a crosswalk, make sure you're doing it only if the moving vehicle has enough time to stop without slamming on their brakes.

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