For those of you who have seen Ferris Buellers Day off, remember the scene where they park Cameron's Dads car in the parking garage, and the the Valet and a buddy go for a joy ride? Fast forward to now, and a real life joyride.

Christopher Fletcher a former Valet at the Charlotte North Carolina International Airport apparently targeted high end cars that he was supposed to park for people, with one exception he drove them around instead. He has been charged with taking 3 different cars that people wanted parked at the airport, as they were headed out on a trip.

The people he had targeted noticed the car was low on gas or items were missing. One woman even noticed some damage to her car. Being someone that just had to leave their car at the airport for a week, it kind of makes you think. But in reality I was safe because we did not valet nor do we have a high end car. :)