Jordin Sparks brings her 'American Idol'-winning vocals to Italian DJ Alex Gaudino's new track, 'Is This Love,' giving it a Kelly Rowland-David Guetta 'If Love Takes Over' feel.

There's a reason there's a Rowland-Guetta type sound to the track: Gaudino has worked with Rowland himself on 2011's 'What a Feeling,' earning impressive placement on European dance singles charts.

Sparks' powerful voice give the power pop dance hit a soulful vibe, and could even work as a ballad if the tempo were slowed and synths turned down. In the tune, she has a Whitney Houston -- with whom she costarred in 'Sparkle' -- 'How Will I Know' type feeling going on. Is this guy the real deal? (In the case of her boo Jason Derulo, we say yes, Jordin!)

"I want to feel the meaning of love / A message that's real / Sent from above / Straight from the heart as real as the sun I'm waiting for love to come / Is this love / Really what you're living for / Is this love going to happen tonight / Is this love what I've been waiting for / Is this love the love of my life?" she sings. It's the kind of hook that's indelible, but that's sung so proficiently that the listener won't mind at all.