Things have been much different over the past month or so, thanks to COVID-19 coronavirus. Restaurants have been forced to shut down to in-store customers. Nail salons have been forced to close, along with hair salons and other businesses in the cosmetology world. Other businesses not deemed "essential" have also had to close until further notice.

All of this, of course, is being done so we can prevent the further spread of the pandemic and until further notice, this is our new normal. Sadly, that means no concerts or live music for a bit.

In the grand scheme of things, we will all survive without attending a concert or live show and I understand there are more important and pressing issues right now but man, I really miss them!

If you are a music lover like me, you get it. There is nothing like the feeling of going to a show with other people who love the same music or artist as you. It is an incredible feeling to hear the songs you love in person and you can't deny, they are always a great time.

At concerts, you get to let loose and have fun and dance without caring about anyone watching. You get to bond with your friends and sing at the top of your lungs and no one can even tell if you are singing off key. The happiness you feel for days after a concert is over reliving it in your head is something that can't be found anywhere else.

Like I said, attending a concert is not the main priority right now. There are a lot more important things that need to get back to business first and our favorite artists will be ready and waiting to get out on the road as soon as they can but it is still a bummer.

An expert spoke to the New York Times recently on when concerts could return as normal, predicting it may not be until fall of 2021. If this is true, that is devastating for the music community and music lovers everywhere but it will be worth it if it means we save lives and stop the spread of COVID-19.

One thing is for sure - I will appreciate every single concert so much more once I get to go to one again.

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