Who does not love a cute little yellow or unicorn or Elvis duck? No, they are not real ducks that you get to adopt but they are just as cute. Animal Allies Humane Society is having a fundraiser on Saturday March 30 from 12 Noon-2pm and is called "Adopt A Duck " to help fund their Humane Education Program which  they conduct in classrooms all over the Northland FREE of charge. "The Humane Education program focuses on teaching children and adults lessons of compassion and care to ensure a future of loving care for pets who need us."

All adopted ducks are up to date on their vaccinations, have been spayed / neutered, and are guaranteed to stay put when you say 'stay'.  Each comes with an adoption certificate and makes a great gift! The cost is only $5 and this duck will bring so much joy to whoever owns it, and is a great companion who is very low maintenance. This is a fun event for the whole family.


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