Twenty Nine year old Serge Vorobyov of Apple Valley has had a rough year with a nasty divorce, losing his business and a few other downers, so he wanted to cheer up some fellow patrons at the Mall of America this past weekend and it backfired.

Serge went up to the fourth floor and dropped 1,000 One dollar bills down on the crowd below during a performance of some Italian Tenors. The video below is not very eventful as only a few people are seen reaching for the cash, but the mood of the singers definitely  changed with the cash drop.

Apparently Security at the Mall did not think this gesture was such a good idea because it could have caused a mass rush of people going after the money and some patrons could have been injured, so he was charged with disorderly conduct.

All in all Serge says he is still glad he did it, and I hope he gets lots of good karma from this and has a better 2014!