Uh oh. Are the Wanted unwanted by their record label?

Sources told the Daily Star that Universal plans to drop the boy band from their roster after their third album, 'Word of Mouth,' failed to make an impact on the charts. (In the U.K., it sits at No. 75 merely six weeks after its release.)

What's more, the band canceled their continental European tour last week, citing scheduling conflicts ... but the source says that's not the case. The insider insists that the tour was scrapped because of poor ticket sales. However, the band will still perform their U.K., Ireland and United States dates.

Max George had to leave the U.S. leg of the tour because of family issues at home, reportedly suffering the loss of his grandfather.

Our thoughts are with George -- and we hope the band gets some happier news soon. And maybe for Scooter Braun to stop making them record and release tracks like 'Walks Like Rihanna.' (Hey, at least Siva Kaneswaran is engaged and Nathan Sykes has Ariana Grande to cheer him up!)

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