Valentine's Day is just around the corner and to celebrate many couples like to go out to dinner at a romantic restaurant, 3 restaurants from Minnesota have been named on the Top 100 list of most romantic.

Valentine's Day: More Than Just a Table for Two

Gone are the days when Valentine's Day was exclusively a couples' affair. According to a recent survey by OpenTable, a significant number of Americans are now considering dining out with family (18%) or friends (15%) on this day of love. This trend was also reflected in last year's dining data, with nearly a third of Valentine's Day reservations made for solo diners and groups. It's a refreshing change that invites everyone to the table, celebrating love in all its forms.

Romantic candlelight dinner setting at the fine dining restaurant.

Minnesota's Culinary Gems Shine Bright

OpenTable has unveiled its Top 100 Romantic Restaurants in America for 2024, and guess what? Minnesota has made its mark with spots that promise to turn any dining experience into a celebration of love and connection.

Here are the 3 restaurants that earned their place on this prestigious list:

If you're hoping to land a reservation in one of these romantic restaurants, Steve Sintra, SVP, US Restaurant Sales & Services at OpenTable says, "Book before February 9th, which is when the race for Valentine's Day reservations really heats up, or celebrate at off-peak dates for the best shot of scoring your desired reservation."

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