I am a huge fan of the Olympics and I guess If I had to pick,the Winter Games are my  favorite. To me this is the true sense of sport and competition, especially for the athletes that are not well known and are not millionaires, they are competing for the true love of the sport and competition.

I always feel very patriotic during the Olympics, here I am on the edge of my seat competing for some people I have never heard of, but it does not matter they are representing the USA, and behind every great athlete is a parent or guardian that was there every step of the way.

These incredible people made countless sacrifices for your future and success. This video is a tribute to those people, and I have to say I did tear up a bit thinking how my mom and dad did the same for me when I was younger. To all those people out there, Thank You for believing in your kids, and all your support through the years. :)

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