Azealia Banks blasted Kim Kardashian amid her reignited feud with Taylor Swift.

Just hours after Todrick Hall called the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star a "stubborn little queef," the rapper also shared her thoughts on the whole situation in a lengthy rant via Twitter Tuesday (March 24).

As previously reported, Swift and Kanye West's 2016 phone call discussing his controversial track "Famous" was leaked online in its entirety over the weekend. When the "Lover" hitmaker addressed the call saying it proves she was telling the truth, Kardashian called Swift a liar and accused her of "self-serving."

"You are just jealous that you don’t have any actual talents and NEED to attach yourself to kanye and taylor for relevance," Banks began her rant. "All you did was make him look like an obsessive idiot. he’s a 40+ black man who has been chastising some random white girl since she was 19. You as a Mother, a wife and a *beauty mogul* should have suggested he be the bigger person and not even keep bothering her."

The 28-year-old musician then brought up when West "humiliated" Swift on stage at the 2009 MTV VMAs, writing, "Instead of suggesting he behave like a Father you suggested it was okay to pretty much sexually harass her. What if some weird older man was doing that to North or Chicago? You'd be livid."

"Both Kanye and Taylor have music that will survive them in the afterlife." Banks continued. "YOU have not made any eternal contributions to the world. 100 years from now Skims, kkwbeauty and that reality show will disappear from humanity’s memory. You’re trying hard to stay attached to a history you will most certainly never be a part of. You’re gorgeous but no Marilyn Monroe, no Elizabeth Taylor, no Beyonce."

You can read all Banks' tweets about Kardashian, below:

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