B.o.B is getting ready to release his new album, ‘Strange Clouds,’ next month, and in a new exclusive interview, the rapper opens up about having Morgan Freeman on his sophomore LP.

The Oscar-winning actor appears on ‘Bombs Away,’ using his commanding voice to tell the tale of the track. “You know the title of the song and the song itself has a very epic vibe to it,” Bobby Ray tells Hiphop-N-More. “Like a sinister, medieval meets modern day kinda vibe, so I felt like he will be perfect for narrating the track. It’s the intro and he’s narrating it.”

Freeman has quite a voice-over resume, so it’s no wonder why the rapper would enlist his talents for the track. He most known for his narration of ‘War of the Worlds’ and the Academy Award-winning documentary ‘March of the Penguins.’

B.o.B also dished on his how his Taylor Swift collaboration ‘Both of Us‘ came about. “When I made the song, we were just thinking who’s gonna get on it and we were just talking like if Taylor Swift gets on it, it will be amazing,” he explains. “Next thing you know, I’m performing with her in Dallas. I played the song for her and she loved it. She definitely wanted to be a part of it.”

Swift apparently didn’t hesitate to be a part of the mix. “Oh, she immediately agreed. Like before first verse had even dropped, she was down and ready for it.”

‘Strange Clouds’ arrives on May 1, and includes B.o.B’s latest single, ‘So Good,’ featuring Ryan Tedder.

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