Bed Bath and Beyond are closing a total of 37 stores nationwide and one of them is their only Duluth store. I was so excited when the store first opened as I am a big fan and was happy I did not have to rely on my sister to send me stuff from the store in Milwaukee all the time.

To me, the thing I love about this store is that they carry household items that a lot of times you do not even think you need until you lay your eyes on them and wonder how you ever lived without them? My favorite item I have ever gotten is a plastic butter holder for your corn on the cob dubbed "Butter Boy" It is big enough that you can get a firm grip on it to spread butter over the corn with little to no mess. I know it is a silly little thing but I could never live without this product.

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Now you have the chance to pick up a "Butter Boy" at a bargain price as everything must go! The Duluth store is located at 1303 Miller Trunk Highway the other Minnesota store to close is in Eagan Minnesota. Bed Bath and Beyond are known for a huge variety of home goods from kitchen and bath to health and beauty products and more, hence its name.

Just like so many businesses I am sure the popularity of shopping and Covid sealed the fate of this store. There is no official word on when the store will be closed permanently but in the meantime, customers can take advantage of some great deals.

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