As if you didn't already know that Pink is bada--, the behind the scenes look at her video for 'Try' just confirms our thoughts on the singer.

The behind-the-scenes footage opens with Pink and her leading man walking away from a scene, covered in a paint-like dust, causing both Pink and the actor to gag up a storm. Staff and crew are hollering for water and after she takes a big sip from the bottle, she stares at the camera, saying, "That was the gnarliest thing ever. That was so much harder than anything else. I'm so f---ing traumatized right now."

It's a typical BTS look of all things that'd go on behind the camera of a music video shoot, but Pink makes it fun. She obviously is channeling her innermost 'So You Think You Can Dance' dancer while warming up, but what's really impressive is the actual choreographed scenes between her in and the actor. They're so acrobatic and involved with each other, key components whenever chemistry is involved on a video set.

"It was the most violent, fun thing I've ever done in my life," said Pink, referencing the choreography she learned in order to make the video happen. "The whole crew is fabulous, I'm in love with everyone. I never want this to end."

But we aren't kidding when we say it looks as though Pink walked straight off the set of 'So You Think You Can Dance.' For a singer, who hasn't made a real mention of dancing since her 'Can't Take Me Home' days, she sure put on a helluva show for the video and kicked some serious butt  mastering the difficult choreography.

Dare we say watching Pink learn the specific movements at a practice before the film even shoots is our favorite part? Perhaps even better than the video itself!