Lorde is speaking out on other, more seasoned artists yet again. The 17-year-old New Zealand native is now running her heavily lipsticked mouth about Beyonce and Kesha.

In an interview with Rookie magazine, Lorde gushes about Queen Bey, because, well, who hasn't been lately?

She tells editrix and fellow special snowflake Tavi Gevinson (who's also 17), "It ... just feels like the album that I have wanted to hear from Beyoncé for such a long time, and I'm so happy that it has happened. ... It feels really personal," she said. "It meant a lot to me — I was just like, 'S---, I'm so happy that this exists right now and also I'm so glad that no year-end lists matter anymore.'"

Of course, Bey also stole a lot (or maybe all) of Lorde's own thunder, with her self-titled surprise album dropping the same day as Lorde's single 'No Better.'

Someone Lorde doesn't love -- or at least won't admit to loving? Kesha, because once Lorde discovered "indie" bands, she thought it wasn't cool to cop to K-Dollar Sign fandom anymore. (She's wrong -- Kesha is wondrous.)

"I remember being in year eight, the year before high school, and absolutely loving 'Tik Tok' by Kesha, and then six months later I got really into Animal Collective and Grizzly Bear and Yeasayer," Lorde said. "I still love those bands, but I definitely went through a 'you have to forget about the Kesha part of your life' thing."

Maybe if she'd remember Kesha, who preaches love and light pretty often, she'd stop putting her foot in her mouth so often.