Bhad Bhabie, a.k.a. Danielle Bregoli, a.k.a. the "cash me outside, how bout dat?" girl from Dr. Phil, is nearly unrecognizable on social media now — and many are wondering if the white teen rapper from Florida is purposefully trying to make herself appear black or mixed race.

On Monday (April 6), Bregoli shared two videos via Instagram that see her posing for the camera, as well as showing off her a brand new look, which includes long black hair, over-lined lips and skin that is visibly darker than its usual shade.

It didn't take very long for social media users to react to the 17-year-old's makeup, which also prompted criticism from people accusing her "cultural appropriation" and "blackfishing," a term used to describe white people who pretend to be black by altering their appearance.

Check out her Instagram posts for yourself in the videos, below:

See the internet’s reaction to Bhad Bhabie’s new look, below:

Some people are even comparing her transformation to Ariana Grande's...

As of right now, Bregoli has yet to address the backlash, however, given her history, it'll be interesting to see how she responds to her latest controversy.

Just last week, she seemingly threw shade at her former friend Billie Eilish after a fan asked her if she was still friends with the "Bad Guy" hitmaker during an Instagram Live. Her response? "I think I’m friends with Billie. I don’t know if Billie is my friend."

"Every time I DM her and give her my number, she just doesn't text me," the rapper added. "I guess that’s what happens when b-----s get famous. It can be like that, I’m not trippin'."

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