Thousands of screaming teenage and younger fans stood in line for more than 3 and a half hours for the chance to have a brief moment with their musical heroes. The 4 members Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Logan Henderson and Carlos Pena Jr. are superstars in the television show created by Scott Fellows which is based on the Hollywood hopes of 4 young hockey players from Minnesota who become part of the boy band Big Time Rush.

The show is a cross between "Miracle" and "The Monkeys." Even though none of the band members are actually from Minnesota... As the boys entered the stairway, it didn't take long for them to stir the thousands of young girls in line at Nickelodeon Universe into a crazed, emotional frenzy with plenty of crying and deafening screams. On their way to entering the stage, they stopped briefly to shake hands, hug and greet some fans. Then the autographs began and there were chants from the fans of "I love you (which ever band member they said)" and signs held up adoring their favorite band member.

Logan Henderson explained "Our creator, Scott Fellows, always loved "The Monkeys" and old school shows in general." We've paid some homage to "The Monkeys" by doing certain shots- like Carlos in a bathtub and all of us pushing him in a lobby, a very classic Monkeys intro."

Afterwards some lucky MOA blog contest winners got to meet the boys backstage. The ones who got a chance to speak about the experience you could hardly understand. Margie Ainsworth shrieked and cried "I love them so much and I've seen them so many times" and "Kendall is my love!"

The show's 4th season just started and even with rumors about this being the show's final season... The boys made it clear if the fans want more... We'll keep going!

 Contributed by Tommy Williams Photography

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