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Billie Eilish Throws It Back!

While playing around shooting the video for her new single, "Therefore I Am," Billie Eilish was snapped twerking on camera. Watch the hilarious behind the scenes clip on her Instagram, below:

Americans Fear Porch Pirates During Holidays

A poll of 2,000 U.S. citizens found that 64 percent are afraid their expensive presents will be swiped by "porch pirates," while 47 percent have already had packages stolen. (via Study Finds)

Naomi Watts' Movie Taking Off on Netflix

Almost a decade after its initial release, Naomi Watts' movie The Impossible is now the number one movie on Netflix. The movie tells the true story of how Maria Belon and her family survived a deadly tsunami in Thailand in 2004. The film is also notable for featuring now-famous actor Tom Holland, of Spider-Man fame. (via People)

New Coronavirus Vaccine Now in Trials

A second COVID-19 vaccine is being tested by the company Moderna. This one is said to have an even higher success rate than the other one currently in trials, with a 94.5 percent success rate. Dr. Fauci says that the vaccines will likely be made publicly available in April. (via TMZ)

How Kissing Scenes Are Being Filmed During the Pandemic

Lifetime is testing a new method in which plexiglass barriers are placed between their actors during kissing scenes, and then removed during editing. (via The Wrap)

Celebrities Remember Their Awkward First Kiss

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