This was no oopsie. This was a war tactic. Blake Shelton tweeted out his bromance partner Adam Levine's personal cell phone number. On purpose. Ouch!

Last night (April 28), the country singer, who is BFFs with the Maroon 5 frontman, thanks to their work as coaches on 'The Voice,' hinted that he would share Levine's personal digits and he did. Just like that.

Oh, the power of social media! It was evidence by Shelton's antics, which can be viewed as either hilarious or really, really uncool. We bet we know how Levine feels!

As soon as the tweet went live, the phone started blowing up. The number has since been disconnected, according to reports.

But what a headache Levine has to deal with now, getting his new digits to his contacts and such. We wonder if he will share his new or replacement number with Shelton this time out.

We have to say this. Paybacks ... those are a you-know-what. And A. Levine is probably plotting his revenge against Shelton for giving out his phone number to the Twitterverse. Shelton, known for his hilarious drunk tweets, might want to watch his back. Or his phone. Or his dressing room. Or his 'Voice' team.

Below are the tweets. We have to admit. It is pretty funny...for everyone but Levine.

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