A brand new food truck called UpDawg made it's Twin Ports Debut last night at Black List Brewing Company in Duluth and according to their website, They SOLD OUT their first night! Obviously people in the Twin Ports are excited to try a gourmet hot dog, which is awesome news for this new business.

Co-founders Cory Netland and David Fitch, have been working on making this truck a reality for the last year and a half and it seems all their hard work is paying off. They say their brand is all about having fun and figuring out what creative combos to try out next.

According to FOX21 Netland said:

Hot dogs are fun!. You can put anything on a hot dog. We just have like a book full of recipes and ideas. We say our hot dog is like a blank canvas, and we can put anything we want on it. So if you think of a type meal you really like, well how can we put it on a hot dog.

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Both Nerland and Fitch love Duluth and even have some Easter Eggs on the mural that takes up the entire side of the back of their food truck. Everything from the Rose Garden to Spirit Mountain this is truly a food truck paying homage to the city they love.

With the huge variety of hot dogs on their menu they will also be offering a vegetarian option in a partnership with Superior Small Batch.  The truck will be at Duluth Cider at Noon tomorrow. Make sure to follow them on Facebook to find out where they will be next. I for one cannot wait to check out one of these delicious hot dogs, Congratulations guys!

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