When can fans expect new music from The Killers? Well, Brandon Flowers has an update...kind of.

NME caught up with the singer backstage at his sold-out show in London. When asked what it's like to tour without the band that made him famous, Flowers said that he got plenty of practice when touring in support of his solo debut, Flamingo. "I can't believe it's been five years. Being onstage without them...it is different. I try to look for the similarities rather than dwell on the differences, because I need that comfort, I guess." Aww!

The Killers frontman is enjoying a favorable response from his sophomore effort, The Desired Effect — and evidently, he's got mixed feelings about that. "I've been used to more of a polarizing situation, and that usually goes in my favor. I think if somebody really hates it or people really love it, then it usually works out. But this time it's been a lot more positive and I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing."


We stand firmly on the "good thing" side of the debate — the album is one of our picks for Best Album of 2015 So Far. Still, is it too greedy to ask when Brandon will get back to work with The Killers?

"I don't think that far! I don't know where The Killers are gonna be, and where our head space is gonna be after each record." He went on to say that band guitarist Dave Keuning is already excited for their next release, but Flowers laughs and admits that it's "bad timing," what with his solo album promo and all. And yet: "Maybe there will be some new fire that gets lit and could be the last solo record.

So...inconclusive. But we bet there's a lot of people praying for a "fire" out there.

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