BreakTime Breakdown takes a look at whats going on around Hollywood and the world.

Here are today’s.

  • Shia LeBeouf Heads To Rehab

    Shia LeBeouf has been very erratic this last week.  At one point he was chasing around a homeless guy whom he thought took his hat.  Apparently Shia was saying 'Hey it's me Shia' like the homeless guy should know him.  Then he was kicked out of a cabaret performance and later arrested for assault charges.  He was spotted with AA pamphlets and ended up checking himself into rehab.

  • Robert Downey Jr's Son Busted

    Robert Downey Jr.'s son apparently wanting to walk in his fathers footsteps.  he was just busted with Cocaine and 'other drug paraphernalia'.  Apparently Robert Downey Jr. is standing beside his son firmly.  If you recall he had many brushes with drugs and addiction in the 90's including rehab and state prison.

  • Chris Brown Carried Out Of BET Awards

    Chris Brown performed at the BET awards.  He hasn't been out of jail 2 months yet.  Chris Rock introduced him and even poked some fun at his expense in the introduction.  Apparently Chris has some trouble keeping up.  His friends had to nearly carry him out of the awards for having one too many.