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  • Get Yourself A Perky Butt

    If you have ever wanted your butt to look like Nicki Minaj or Rihanna, you may be in luck now.  Spanx has developed a high waisted butt bra.  It's designed to keep your butt perky and separated.  if you still want to keep the tummy tucked and the love handles out of control it still does that as well.


  • Miley Hooking Up With Man Twice Her Age

    There are a few reports circulating that Miley Cyrus who is 21 is now hooking up with Actor and 30 Seconds to Mars Rocker Jared Leto who is 42.  Apparently the two connect really well and like talking about art and music and share a comfort in nudity.

  • Emma Stone May Have A Naked Selfie In Circulation

    A naked selfie of a redhead that strongly resembles Emma Stone has surfaced and made its rounds on the internet.  Emma is best known as the lead in the movie 'Easy A' and playing the part of Wichita in the movie 'Zombieland.'  Many people are claiming it is her without a doubt.  However, Emma Stone has gone official and saying without a doubt that the selfie is NOT her.

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    Pay To Poo

    Would you pay to use a restroom?

    A New York company is banking on that. Post Stow and Go is offering private restrooms for $8 a day.
    There are even options to add on luxury showers and private storage rooms.