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Here are today’s.

  • Electric Harley

    Summer is here.  If you are a motorcycle rider in the next couple years you may see some interesting cycles begin to hit the roads.  Harley Davidson is unveiling a new electric motorcycle Monday in New York.  One of the issues with the bikes is they only have a range of about 130 miles before they need to be recharged.  I think another issue is they are so quiet.  I had a Harley for awhile, and I am certain that some drivers knew I was there because mine was a louder bike. 

  • NBA Rookie Gets Interesting 'Would You Rather....?' From One Team

    One of the NBA prospects this year Nik Stauskas tweeted the other day something interesting that one of the potential teams asked him.  He said one team asked him if he'd rather be Rookie of the Year or tour/Party with Justin Bieber for the summer.  He said he would go for Rookie of the Year.  I think a lot of us would too.

  • Chelsea Handler Headed To Netflix

    In August Chelsea Handler is ending her show on the E! Network called 'Chelsea Lately'.  However, that isn't going to be the end.  Apparently she is going to be heading over to Netflix with a new unfiltered show.  The show will be launching in the first part of 2016.

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