BreakTime Breakdown takes a look at whats going on around Hollywood and the world.

Here are today’s.

  • Coffee Wine Fusion

    New product out.  Coffee Wine.  A company by the name of Friends Fun Wine has created coffee wine that will be sold in cans.  So far there are two flavors Cabernet Coffee Espresso and Chardonnay Coffee Cappuccino.  So you can get your coffee and wine at the same time.

  • Talk Hosts Of The View Changing

    If you tune in to watch The View, things will get very different next year.  Barbara Walters left last year, and now Sherri Shepherd has announced that she is leaving the show too.  Then Jenny McCarthy went on Twitter and said if Sherri leaves, so will she.  (I thought McCarthy was leaving anyway) Now the only person on board for the upcoming season is Whoopi Goldberg.

  • Selena Gomez Fires New Managers

    Last month Selena Gomez hired new managers.  Apparently they were good managers because they have worked with Jennifer Aniston, Natalie Portman, and Zoe Saldana to name a few.  However, Selena just fired them.  No word as to why at this time but makes you wonder what exactly happened behind the scenes.

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