Kevin Federline, who is enjoying a cultural renaissance with a reference in Eminem's 'Berzerk,' was trying to put groceries in his car when TMZ grilled him about his ex-wife Britney Spears' Las Vegas residency.

"I think it's cool man," he said about the gig which will pay his former missus, with whom he shares joint custody of their two sons, handsomely.

When pressed about the notion that Brit would let their eldest son, Sean Preston aka Preston, 8, appear on stage, K. Fed said, "We'll see about that, won't we, but…"

Federline also said that he would only approve "if he was like 25-years-old" about his son onstage in Sin City. He said that he wont go see the former Mrs. Federline, since "that's not my thing. When I'm in Vegas, I'm at the craps table."

Notice that the former Mr. Britney Spears even put his cart back. What a polite shopper. K. Fed truly has grown up.

In other Brit news, the singer is launching another fragrance. She rivals J. Lo with her perfume portfolio, launching fantasy anniversary edition -- all lower case -- in October. It commemorates her track record of successful scents over the last decade.

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