Of all places, it is only fitting this would happen in Wisconsin: a semi carrying crates of Bud Light overturned in Appleton. Thankfully, nobody was seriously injured but much beer was wasted.

Appleton has been in the news recently for another very strange story! Locals supposedly spotted the one and only Lady Gaga hanging out in the town in early June. One local said she came into a coffee shop and another said they saw her eating at a local Chili's.

Celebrities are just like us! In all seriousness, she was apparently in town because her boyfriend is from there. She flew under the radar, as much as she could, so much so that there are no photos online of the supposed visit.

Who could blame her for wanting to visit? Appleton is a really cool and historic spot. If she ends up serious with her boyfriend, she could be back for a visit or a wedding in the future. (Okay, I am getting ahead of myself here.)

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Now, we have another unexpected story out of Appleton: a semi carrying crates of beer overturned over the holiday weekend. Several local news outlets covered the story, with the incident going down on Saturday (July 2nd).

According to reports, the incident happened at the intersection of Northland Avenue and Conkey Street, for those familiar with the area. The driver of the semi was trying to turn a corner of the intersection when the semi tipped. Thankfully, there were no major injuries, although two have minor injuries from the incident.

So what happened to the crates and crates of Bud Light sitting in the back of the semi? Sadly, it all spilled into the street. Reports say that every crate was damaged and the beer will be going to a local landfill.

The Wisconsin State Patrol is going to be looking into the incident. As of now, there are little details regarding the incident. WBAY reports that the intersection was cleared and reopened later in the afternoon.

In other travel-related news, two Minnesota teenagers were busted for going over 110 MPH in late June. This was part of a project put on by the Minnesota State Patrol, who were trying to crack down on excessive speeding, which has been a major issue as of late.

Just a few days before the speeding crackdown, a Minnesota man was stopped and charged after he was clocked going 144 MPH on his motorcycle. To make matters worse, he wasn't wearing a helmet and said he was speeding because it was hot outside. Sigh.

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