Without naming names, Ally Brooke revealed that Fifth Harmony almost gained a replacement for Camila Cabello after the "Havana" singer's exit from the group.

Brooke opened up about her time in the girl group while writing her new book, Finding Your Harmony: Dream Big, Have Faith, and Achieve More Than You Can Imagine.

According to Brooke, there was a shortlist of "well known young artists and celebrities" willing to join the group following Cabello's departure—and even though Brooke never mentions Cabello by name, it's clear she's referring to the singer's exit.

"There were several different options and routes we could’ve taken," she admitted. "There were a lot of different ideas floating around. But the four of us decided, ‘Hey. We think it would be odd to all of a sudden bring someone.’"

"The four of us have a history, and we know what we went through together," she added. "We know our journey. We know each other. We felt like there was no question that we should continue on as we were."

However, there was one singer at the top of the list that their management wanted to approach for the fifth position. "I don’t know if I can share, but one would’ve been really cool," she shared. "She’s at the top now, and everybody loves her. I love her. That wasn’t what we felt like would be right for our group, even though we love this other singer, and she’s awesome."

But the anonymous artist probably wouldn't have taken the gig anyway. "She probably wouldn’t have accepted anyways because she probably would’ve said the same thing, like, ‘I don’t know if I should step in here,’" Brooke said. "And her career is already blowing up."

Although she alludes to Cabello, Brooke never mentions the fellow pop star by name in her book, as she wanted the memoir to focus on her life and not the drama.

“For me, it was super important to keep Fifth Harmony and my book as positive as possible,” she told StyleCaster. “I didn’t want to focus on the drama. This is not a tell-all. For the first time, I wanted it to be through my lens, through my eyes, my story.”

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