Going away on a summer vacation not only recharges your battery for work, it can also help many couples with the opportunity for romance.

Over one-third of Americans surveyed by the social network Zoosk.com say a summer getaway provides the most romance.

In honor of Romance Awareness Month (which is August in case you didn’t know,) Zoosk.com recently surveyed more than 2,300 Americans about romance.

Here are the results:

42% of Americans say an anniversary is the most romantic occasion with their other half.

34% of Americans say a summer vacation delivers the most romance.

24% say Valentine's Day is the most romantic occasion in their lives.

78% of those polled agree that they consider romance in a relationship to be "very important.” 20% say it is “somewhat important,” and only 2% say it is “not important.”

71% of couples say their significant other is romantic, while only 41% of singles on the dating scene say the same about their "other."

59% of couples are satisfied with the amount of romance in their lives, whereas only 20% of singles say the same.

41% of couples prefer a “hug and a kiss” over a romantic candlelit dinner (39%) as the most romantic gesture from their partner.

Singles, on the other hand, prefer a candlelit dinner (44%) over a hug and a kiss (32%).

And while taking out the garbage without being asked is appreciated, only2% of couples and singles, respectively, say this qualifies as the most romantic thing their partner could do.