Those of you who can’t get enough of Carly Rae Jepsen, you’re in luck! The ‘Call Me Maybe’ songstress has collaborated with Owl City on a new single called ‘Good Time.’


Jepsen and Owl City’s Adam Young formally announced the collaboration during Young’s weekly Twitter interview with fans on Thursday, releasing a preview of the track as well. The snippet is extremely brief and covers what we’re guessing is the chorus. The preview features Young and Jepsen, as well as a gang vocal, taking turns singing, “Doesn’t matter when / It’s always a good time there.

Young also released the artwork for the single on Twitter, which features an idyllic beach day, complete with bikinis, a boat and a cityscape on the shore. Would you expect anything less than adorable from a bubbly duo like this? The single will goes on sale on June 26 — a week after Jepsen’s mentor, Justin Bieber, releases the insanely anticipated ‘Believe.’

One place Jepsen’s having a good time? The top of the charts. Her inescapable single, ‘Call Me Maybe,’ has finally hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, snagging the top spot from Gotye‘s ‘Somebody That I Used to Know.’ She told The Hollywood Reporter that she’s in the midst of a “healthy obsession” with writing her new album. “Fall is our goal to get [the record] out and tour shortly after that,” she said. “Who knows, there are a few fun ideas that are popping up.”

Listen to Owl City + Carly Rae Jepsen ‘Good Time’

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