Justin Bieber‘s in-high-demand DNA is being sold in necklace form. But with a $120 price tag, it might be a bit to expensive for Beliebers, who are in their teens with limited expendable income. One “celeb” didn’t even need to shell out a Benjamin and then some for the piece of jewelry, which features DNA from one of The Biebs’ famous strands of hair. Turns out Mary Zilba of ‘The Real Housewives of Vancouver’ was gifted with the accessory that so many teen girls would sever a limb (and perhaps other body parts) for.

We know, you thought, “Mary Who?,” and we agree that the celeb classification attached to her is generous at best. But The Biebs’ fellow Canadian told Celebuzz, “It’s a beautiful necklace and really well designed. It’s really unique.” Unique enough that the Bieber faithful have been reaching out to her to try and barter for it.

Zilba continued, “I’ve had so many people wanting it. So many young girls are offering me tons of money.” Well, being that she’s a ‘Real Housewife,’ we’re guessing she doesn’t exactly need the cash she’s being offered.

Why not give it to a Belieber who is less fortunate? There’s a novel concept.

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