Why do some celebrity names just seem impossible to spell?

Although there are countless names that can be difficult to pronounce, there are more than a handful of celebrity names that people can't seem to spell correctly, even with the help of autocorrect.

Because of the constant misspelling of names, some of the most popular Google searches now feature the wrong spellings of some of these stars' names. For instance, when searching "Makoli," an image of the actor Macaulay Culkin appears and automatically suggests to go to his correct spelling. Similarly, Joaquin Phoenix is often mistaken for "Wakeen Phoenix," among other names.

While some misspellings might make you scratch your head, others are easier to mistake and are typically only caught by eagle-eyed readers. 

Celebrity Names People Can't Seem to Spell Correctly

See some of the most common celebrity name misspellings, below.

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