That fight outside a recording studio last January is still coming back to haunt Chris Brown.

While Frank Ocean decided months ago to not press charges in the epic parking-lot brawl involving both stars' entourages, his cousin hasn't been as forgiving.

Sha'Keir Duarte, who filed suit against Brown in August, is seeking $3 million for damages he allegedly suffered in the Jan. 27 fight over a West Hollywood parking spot.

TMZ reports that Duarte, who says he was attacked by Brown's bodyguard, wants $1 million for pain, suffering and inconvenience. He is also seeking $1 million for emotional distress and another $1 million in punitive damages. Finally, Duarte is asking for $60,000 to help cover his medical expenses.

Chris, meanwhile, countersued last month, claiming that it was the "aggressive" and "hostile" Duarte who attacked him. Brown also states that the lawsuit against him is nothing more than a shakedown for cash.

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