Bad news for Chris Brown. Actually, make that really bad news for Breezy. The singer's assault trial has been pushed back and as a result, he will remain in jail until at least June.

Brown was incarcerated in California in March when he was kicked out of rehab, thus violating his probation terms related to the Rihanna beating case, which has haunted him professionally, personally and legally for years. He was flown to D.C. and remained in jail while he waited for his trial related to last fall's assault case to take place.

The trial was due to start on Wednesday, April 23, but it has been postponed until June. Breezy requested that the judge in the RiRi case to let him go but the judge said "no dice," essentially, according to TMZ.

So now Breezy will head back to Los Angeles and will remain imprisoned until June and the rescheduled trial date. He'll be transported back to the nation's capital via plane at that time.

Additionally, if Breezy is convicted in the D.C. assault case, the Rihanna judge, who isn't showing him any sort of leniency so far, could send him to prison for four years for probation violations.

It's going from bad to worse for Breezy. This should further delay the release of his 'Don't Be Gone Too Long' duet with Ariana Grande, since he will, well, be gone a bit longer.

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