Here's an impact from COVID-19 that you may not have thought of: more trash in public areas.

It is an issue the City of Duluth is trying to get ahead of, asking residents to pack out trash in parks and beaches for now to avoid this. A press release from the City of Duluth asks the public to clean up after themselves and to "collect any trash left behind by other visitors by throwing them away in their own trash cans" while in public places.

According to the press release from the City of Duluth, there is limited staff to service the trash bins in public areas because of layoffs amid COVID-19. For this reason, trash bins may become overwhelmed and overflow.

For now, trash bins will be serviced on Fridays and Mondays. Unfortunately, they will not be able to be serviced over the weekend and throughout the work week for now.

Packing out is encouraged at the following seven popular areas across the area:

  • Bayfront Festival Park
  • Enger Park
  • Leif Erikson Park
  • Lester Park
  • Park Point Beach House
  • 12th Street Beach
  • Rose Garden

I had never heard of packing out before but it definitely makes sense. While it may not be as convenient, taking the little step of packing out will keep our public parks and beaches clean. There is nothing worse than going to a park or beach anywhere where the trash is overflowing. This can be easily avoided and a little step can go a long way in this case.

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