In part of a larger update from city leaders on COVID-19, Duluth Mayor Emily Larson announced that this year's 4th of July fireworks display will be moved to Labor Day.

Mayor Larson says officials looked at a number of options on how to hold the display safely on the 4th of July, they felt like the best way to proceed was to postpone the show. She called decisions like this "difficult decisions".

Included in the briefing, it was shared that tourism tax revenue is down 61%, which is having impacts on a number of city budget items and will continue to have rippling effects moving forward. While this is a big number, Mayor Larson says this "is not surprising" to see shortfalls like this at this time.

When asked if budget deficits like significantly reduced tourism tax revenue will impact the size/duration of the postponed fireworks show, officials said they were unable to provide an answer at this time.

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Aside from the fireworks news, the update addressed other tax revenue and budget items and also addressed decisions related to things like city staff capacities for libraries, park maintenance, and other items. Mayor Larson explained that due to the current budget situation, the city "will not be able to provide the same level of service that you've come to rely on" in certain areas.

Chief Tusken also provided an update, highlighting a general downward trend in many types of crimes including residential burglaries, but he did note some business burglaries, though those numbers have been lower than the level many business owners anticipated with many stores closed or operating under different hours.

He did note that there has been a slight increase in garage thefts, but there has been a significant increase in auto thefts and vehicle prowls. Chief Tusken did note that many vehicle thefts have been in situations where car fobs or keys were left in the vehicle, and advises the public to be careful about that. He also explained that vehicle break-ins continue to be a problem, advising the public to not leave anything in your vehicle you can't afford to lose.

You can watch the entire update video here:

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