The City of Superior has announced that they will be conducting smoke tests in a Superior neighborhood in August. The smoke will be pumped into the sewer system to identify any leaks or faulty equipment.

The test will take place in a location in East Superior.

The tests will take place in the area between East 1st Street and East 11th Street, and between 35th Avenue East & 40th Avenue East.

City of Superior
City of Superior

Workes will blow a "non-toxic harmless smoke" through the sewer system. It will help locate areas that need repair and will ensure the safe functioning of Superior's sewer system.

Homeowner's don't need to be home during the test, but should alert the city if smoke enters their home.

Homeowners aren't required to be at home for the test. However, if they are at home and they notice the smoke entering their home they should contact the city by calling 715-394-0392. If you return home after the testing and discover smoke, you should also call that number.

The testing will take place depending on weather conditions in the month of August. Workers will notify residents and businesses before they begin by placing door hanger cards on the door. You can also check the City Of Superior's Facebook page for updates.

Run water down seldom used drains.

Residents also should run water down seldom used drains to fill up their "P" trap to prevent smoke from entering.

The tests take approximately 30 minutes. The smoke is once again not harmful. It does have a mild sulfur odor.

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