A group of parents and students gathered outside of Cloquet High School yesterday afternoon to protest what they say is a pattern of bullying at Cloquet Schools. The students and parents did not talk about any specific incidents of bullying but did say it is very prevalent in several schools in Cloquet.

According to Northernnewsnow.com a dozen or so students and one parent held up signs near the entrance of the high school reading "Stop Bullying" and "Change The Narrative."  Bettina Johnson said “It didn’t just start in high school. It started over in Washington Elementary and carried out in middle school and high school.”

Johnson has three daughters in the school district and acknowledged that the school district has made efforts in the past but it is not enough. As a parent myself that is always something that you worry about with your children. Cloquet Public Schools released a statement here.

My kids are grown now but I remember many conversations with them if they did not seem like themselves to ask how things were with school or with their friends to make sure that they were safe and not being bullied.

But as we all know kids are not always going to be forthcoming with this information so parents and guardians need to try and be extra vigilant. Bullying goes on at every school and with social media being such a huge part of our lives, especially kids bullying now happens beyond the school walls. If you know someone who is being bullied this is a great resource for you and your child StopBullying.gov 

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