A new dining option is taking the Twin Ports by storm, but they're doing things a little differently as they get their business going.

I recently started seeing Facebook ads for a new restaurant in Duluth that specializes in chicken sandwiches and burgers, but the place is being a little more mysterious than most restaurants when they open. This isn't a place you can go and sit down to enjoy a meal. At least not yet.

Even though they don't have a dine-in location, they're making an impression around the Twin Ports area as the secret gets out and they continue satisfying the appetites of many hungry people in the Duluth area.

Meet Cluck n' Burgers, Duluth's newest dining option

Cluck n' Burgers on Facebook
Cluck n' Burgers on Facebook

This quirky, mysterious chicken and burgers-oriented kitchen hatched onto the scene earlier this winter, with their social media presence popping up on February 8. Since then, Cluck n' Burgers has quickly started filling their profiles with delicious-looking sandwiches and collecting reviews from people who have tried their food since they began serving in early March.

The are a couple of quirky things about this place.

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One is that they really lean into having an irreverent and goofy personality as a brand. Their website encourages people to follow them on social media - or not, saying "We don't give a cluck". Calling their phone number results in a recorded voicemail message, encouraging people to "leave a clucking message". Clever. Their logo even looks like a masked chicken and a burger, all morphed together. (See the logo in the bottom right corner of this post)

The other interesting twist is that they don't currently have a location where you can go to dine-in, or even pick up food. They are exclusively providing their food through delivery services Food Dudes and DoorDash.

They shared on their Facebook page that they started serving food on March 5 through those two delivery services, being coy about the long-term plans of this new business.

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In the Facebook post, they say they "can't tell you everything right away because...well... we're chicken!"

They proceed to introduce their food offerings and tease that there's more to come. One of the big things to come appears to be an on-site location to enjoy their food. They regularly say on their social media that they are "delivery only right now" and keep hinting that people will have the chance to go to a location to eat their food, but for now, that apparent location is a secret.

What's on the menu at Cluck n' Burgers?

Cluck n' Burgers on Facebook
Cluck n' Burgers on Facebook

On their Facebook page, they describe their entire menu as a "Cluck'n good lineup of the best smashburgers, chicken sandwiches, wings, and snacks using only the freshest ingredients. Featuring fresh, never- frozen beef, butt- kickin’ signature sauces, fresh-cut fries, and a whole farm of other tasty ingredients to make your dinner dreams come true."

The Cluck n' Burgers menu includes 11 varieties of chicken wings, including flavors like Kickin' Bourbon, Ghost Pepper Mango Habanero, PB&J, and Buffalo.

Snack items like tater tots, onion rings, jalapeno poppers, and fresh-cut fries also accent the menu which then pivots to 8 varieties of burgers and a handful of chicken sandwiches.

Burgers on the menu include a Top The Tater burger, Spicy NutBurger, PB&J Burger, and the "Triple F’n Burger", which includes three beef patties, crisp bacon, and American cheese.

On the chicken sandwich side of things, are the "Mother Clucker", "Buzzed Bird", and "CBR".

Also on the menu are a few kids menu items and chocolate chip cookies.

What are the reviews saying?

Cluck n' Burgers on Facebook
Cluck n' Burgers on Facebook

Reviews on DoorDash are pretty glowing. Here are a couple highlights:

  • All of the food was amazing! Usually fries are never great to go but these were still hot and delicious! Don't sleep on the Cluck n' Sauce - it's to die for!!! - Kayla
  • We decided to try somewhere new. Smash burgers, fresh cut fries and onion rings....... Cluck n' Burger didn't disappoint. It was plenty of good food at a fair price. - Chris
  • First time trying Cluck n' burgers and was very satisfied. The Cluck n' Sauce with the sandwich was amazing along with the fries. Great food - Taylor

I haven't personally had the chance to try the food out yet, but it all looks amazing! While some people on their social media took issue with the lack of a physical location to dine in or pick up food, people that have eaten food delivered from Cluck n' Burgers seem pretty happy.

My guess is that they fired up the kitchen and are in the process of remodeling a dining space that we'll learn more about at some point soon. In the meantime, I may have to do a delivery order soon to give these guys a try.

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