It's heartwarming to see people doing their part in trying to make someone's day just a touch brighter during these difficult times. We need to look for the positive things everyday. That's what a little girl has done with sharing her artwork on Duluth's Lakewalk.

People walking on the Lakewalk this weekend started noticing these rocks and shared them across social media. The rocks had colorful rainbows and other artwork and uplifting messages like "You're Awesome," and "Happy."

Beautiful Rocks

We found out who was behind these rocks, and her name is Tessa Becker from Duluth. She's a second grader from Congdon Elementary. She loves artwork and thought it would be nice to give people something to smile about. We got a chance to interview her on B105, and she says up next they are working on putting teddy bears on display and maybe some more rocks. Nice work, Tessa and thank you for the smile!


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