Comedian, actor, and writer, Whitney Cummings is bringing her comedy show to the wonderful city of Duluth.

More comedian news coming to the Twin Ports area after we learned that Minnesota native Nick Swardson is coming next month.

Not only is Whitney a comedian, writer, and actor, but she is also a director, producer, and entrepreneur, and hosts the podcast 'Good for You'. She created and starred in the show 'Whitney' and helped create and write the hit show '2 Broke Girls'.

Whitney was last seen in the movie 'Good Mourning' which starred rappers Machine Gun Kelly and Minnesota-born Mod Sun.

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She was also recently in the Foo Fighters film 'Studio 666', and many other TV shows and movies. You also may remember her from several Comedy Central 'Roasts'. You can check out the best of her roasts below (heads up, there is some language in the jokes):

She will be performing 'An Evening With Whitney Cummings' at the NorShor Theatre in Duluth on April 22nd, 2023. Looks like tickets are starting at $59.50 with the show starting at 8 pm. The NorShor is located at 211 East Superior Street in Downtown Duluth and you can get tickets here.

She also seems to be friends with comedian Bert Kreischer as both have made multiple appearances on each other's podcasts. Bert, did two shows in Duluth a few months ago. Bert aka 'The Machine' even gave Duluth a shoutout on social media and did a little shopping around town. Maybe Whitney will do the same when she is in town.

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