My motto is to live every week like it is Shark Week because let's be honest - it is one of the best weeks of the year! This year, you could make a nice chunk of change by watching it from start to finish, which we all already do anyway, right? is looking for one shark fin-atic (see what I did there) to watch Shark Week from start to finish in exchange for one-thousand bucks.

If you are the lucky person chosen for the gig, you will have to watch the entire program as mentioned AND tweet about it daily, sharing your favorite Shark Week fact from that day. After watching the entire series, you will then need to rank everything you saw regarding how entertaining, informative, fearsome and surprising it was.

This dream job kicks off on August 9th and runs for seven days straight. According to the company, the perfect person for the gig loves sharks, is at least 18 years old, is a resident of the United States and is able to document the marathon on social media.

If you land the gig, you will not only get a nice chunk of money but you will also get shark swag, access to the entire program via streaming, snacks and above all, the very best job ever.

You can apply here. How Jaws-some!

By the way - this seems to be a new trend as of late, with companies forking over a hefty sum of money to a fan to watch a theme of movies, television shows and such. This is the perfect way to pass time in quarantine.

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